Dealing With the Indie Doldrums

Dealing with being a drop of water in an ocean of books is something pretty much every indie author has to deal with. You worked hard, and wrote a book that you’re proud of. After all the hours of slaving and hammering those keys to get it done, you hope and pray that some people will actually read it and spread the word.

Sometimes it doesn’t go very smoothly though. Day after day ticks by, and yet the sales just aren’t there. It can be extremely difficult not to feel despaired. Not only are you competing with other indie authors for attention, but also another massive mountain that stands between you and readers. That mountain is the main stream and traditional publishing.

For whatever reason, as an indie author you have chosen to circumvent this traditional route. Maybe it was constant rejection letters, or simply wanting to avoid additional months or years before your work could have its chance in the spotlight. If you’re not one of the lucky ones who managed to gain fame over night, then your book is probably still stuck back stage. As you watch other books get all the attention, how can you deal with the fear that your book will never be given a chance?

That’s the million dollar question. The best advice I can give is to just keep working. Keep blogging, and mentioning your book. Use social networks and book forums. Most of all, keep writing! Fear is a difficult opponent to combat, especially when you’re putting yourself out there in such a personal way. People aren’t always kind, and like to bring you down for trying to accomplish your dream. I’ve been told I should follow in van Gogh’s footsteps, but cut my fingers off instead of my ear. It can be hard to keep a positive attitude after some of the things people have to say.

When it feels like it’s becoming too much, don’t dwell on it. Take a break, and do something you enjoy to take your mind off it. Agonizing over every negative comment you get will only bring you down. If you give up because of it, then it won’t be because your book may not be the single best one ever written that barred you from your dream. It will be because you gave up, and left the dream behind.

It’s a tough road to be an indie author. You’re baring your soul for all to see, without the backup of known publishers who are giving your work their seal of approval. It will probably get worse before it gets better. Keep your attitude positive, and the books coming. With enough work, your day in the sunshine will eventually come.

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Author: Benjamin C Andrews
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