Book Marketing – Top 10 Tips For Guaranteed Success

Now what? Once your book is written and published what on earth are you going to do to get it into the hands of readers? Book marketing is often the stumbling stone for self publishers; however it can actually be one of the most enjoyable aspects of writing and publishing a book, because this is when the money starts coming in. Here are Ten Tips for guaranteed book marketing success.

Tip #1 Build a website. Having a website makes selling your book something that can occur 24 hours a day whether you are busy at the task of marketing or out having fun with your friends and family. Additionally, a website gives you the opportunity to reach a broader demographic of readers, which in the end means more sales.

Tip #2 Write content, blogs, articles. The best way to drive sales is to get your name, and the title of your book, out into the world. An easy way to accomplish this is to write articles. Articles can be published in print mediums like magazines, print newsletters, and newspapers and they can be published online. Publishing your articles online is a fantastic way to not only increase your exposure but to also drive traffic to your website. We speak on the topic of article marketing on our blog. See Simple Title Secret To Attract More Readers To Your Articles and for more information on this strategy read ‘How To Self Publish A Book For Free’.

Tip #3 Send a newsletter. Newsletters are fantastic tools to market your book because they can be forwarded to friends and family, they can be archived and the content will help your search engine ranking, and they can be printed and accessed at any time. Newsletters do not have to be involved, a simple one article format emailed on a weekly or monthly basis is a great way to stay in front of your customers and prospects.

Tip #4 Send a press release. Press releases are a winning tool for exposure. They can be distributed online to a major press release distribution site or to the local media, or both, depending on your needs. For more information on the power of a press release read, How To Promote A Book Successfully.

Tip #5 Advertise. Yep, advertise. It may cost a little bit more than an email campaign but you will be reaching a whole different market and if your ad is targeted enough, your return on investment can be incredible. Advertising can be in e-zines or pay per click marketing. When investing in an ad campaign, start small and test often.

Tip #6 Online networking. Do you belong to any forums or chat rooms? Chances are there are a few forums dedicated to your topic, perhaps you are already a member or you are familiar with them. Take the time to network in these forums and chat rooms. These are your peers and your audience. Let them know what you have to offer. (Most forums do not let you blatantly advertise your product in your posts. A simple signature with a link to your website is generally the best approach.)

Tip #7 Offline networking. Just like online, offline networking can offer a host of book marketing opportunities. Always carry a copy of your book and your business card with you – you never know who you might meet. Also take the time to join a few relevant organizations. If you join your local small business association, they often have the need for speakers. You could host a workshop or speaking engagement on your niche topic, and sell a few books too!

Tip #8 Testimonials and reviews. Testimonials and reviews are your bread and butter. Having someone else rave about your book eats just about any other marketing effort you can come up with. One review from a notable television network, celebrity, or expert book reviewer can sell hundreds of books. For more information, read “3 Secrets To Getting Rave Reviews – Learn How To Get Reviews That Will Launch You To Bestseller Stardom”

Tip #9 Affiliates. Having someone else, or a team of people, sell your book is an excellent way to both take some of the workload off of you and to broaden your exposure. Affiliates are basically sales people who work to sell your book for a commission.

Tip #10 Public Speaking/events. Hosting a public speaking engagement gives you the opportunity to accomplish several things. You are able to send out a press release announcing the engagement. You are able to market your book to the people you are speaking to. If you charge for the event, you are able to make a bit of money. Lastly, you can record or take a video of the event and market it as a product to those who were unable to attend.

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