Book Marketing Methods That Work For Business Authors

Book marketing is not what it once was. There was a time when business authors went to publishers and agents and were told how to market their books. Authors who self published their business books paid calls on bookstores trying to get them to carry the books on consignment. With some old and new methods, anyone can market a book efficiently.

Perhaps the single most important thing authors can do these days to market a book is to create a website that features their work. This gives people a way to learn all about the benefits of reading and owning the book. One can offer book excerpts to get people interested. If they like what they read, they may want to order the book.

It helps to have friends and colleagues read the book and write book reviews for the website as well. If colleagues from one’s field of expertise write good reviews, it helps to establish the author as an expert. This is one of a business person’s measures of success in book marketing.

Once the author has the book written and its website up and running, it is time to think about sending out a media kit. This package can be sent to a targeted audience. It is best to reach out to people who are likely to be interested in this particular book rather than having one’s media kit become spam in an editor’s in box.

For example, if the book is focused on the author’s knowledge of interior design, one would not send a media kit about it to a magazine about tools, or to one about pets. One would send the media kit to magazines and newspapers specializing in home makeovers or redecorating.

The media kit is simply a package with everything needed to understand the book. There will be a fact sheet about the author, a synopsis of the book and a list of the key points that are developed in the book. There will be excerpts of the book and possibly even a copy of the book in some form. If the editor is interested, the book will be publicized.

Another online method for book marketing is tapping into the social media websites. An author can create a space on a social media site where she or he can talk about the book and life in general. The space can also be used to talk to others about their books and so create an informal network of authors.

It is good to get on as many blogs as one possibly can, writing about one’s subject and mentioning one’s book. The more exposure the author can get for the book, the better. This is a fun way to get the book out to people who might be interested in the author’s business services as well.

When marketing a business with a book, one also needs to market the book. After taking the time to write a book, it would be discouraging to have all the copies of it lying around in a corner of the garage in a year. The author can turn reader interest into increased business by taking the time to get the word out about the new book.

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