Book Marketing, 4 Secrets To Success

Book marketing is the most important aspect to becoming a rich and successful author. You could have a great book but if you don’t know how to market your book you might not even sell a hundred copies.

On the other hand you can have a not so good book and become a best selling author if you know how to market your book. Now I must tell you that you should have a well written book but it just is not near as important as you being able to promote and sell your book.

A poorly written well marketed book will outsell a well written book that has no marketing. That’s the facts folks but learning to market your book can be easier than you think.

Following are 4 Secrets to Success for Book Marketing:

1. Establish a website. As an author you should have your own website. Even if you have one for your business you should still have a separate author’s site. Your site should include information the media needs to cover your story so it must act as an online press kit.

2. Press release. Once your book is ready you must send out a press release. Just the fact your book is new makes it newsworthy but you should still write a press release with a newsworthy angle that will captivate a reporter to want to cover your story.

3. Email marketing campaign. An easy and popular way to generate book sales is to implement an email marketing campaign. Contact your peers and ask if they will participate in the launch of your book. A well run email campaign has been known to produce many an Amazon best seller

4. has been a real kick start for many new self published authors. They allow you to add a detailed book description and also have a ‘Search Inside This Book’ program. Check out their Advantage and Associates program to see which one fits you best.

Your book marketing is only limited by your imagination so learn everything you can to market your book and have fun.

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