Authors – 7 Tips Why Self-Publishing Is Great

The publishing industry is shifting… and it’s shifting in your favor. If you’re tired of rejections from publishers, it’s time you looked into self-publishing your book. These tips will help you see some very nice benefits that aren’t available through a traditional publisher.

1. More Products Created From Your Book – Because you retain the rights to your book, you can turn your book into an eBook, an e-course, give away a chapter to entice people to give you their email address, or take your book and expand it into a workbook.

2. Need to Increase Your Income Quickly? – The average royalty on a book through a traditional publisher is about $1.00. The average royalty on a self-published book can be between $6 – $12, depending upon the quantity printed. Turnaround time for a traditional publisher is 8-18 months, while you can have your self-published book in 4-6 weeks.

3. You Have An Instant eBook! – Because you retain the rights to your book, you can also put it on your website as an eBook. It’s already formatted for publishing. Just turn it into a PDF file, upload, and bingo – you’ve got your ebook ready to sell, even before you have the paperback in your hands.

4. Your Book Is Your Business Card – Your book is the beginning of your journey, not the end. You can place throughout your book instructions to go to your website for further products and services.

5. International Sales Available Immediately – All successful authors have a website to help sell their book and other products. This gives you instant access to people worldwide who will buy your book and interact with you instantly through email.

6. You Do All The Marketing Anyway! Traditional publishers do little marketing for their authors, unless they are well-known authors. It’s up to you to do all your marketing anyway. So why not reap all the financial benefits too!

7. You Retain Critical Information On Your Customers – The traditional publisher might be able to get your book into bookstores, but they cannot provide you with the contact information of the buyers. But, if you self-publish, you retain this critical information. You can continue to market new products to them over and over. Ka-Ching!

And if you need to learn how to get your book ready for self-publishing and how to market it to your customers, you can learn more at
Kathy Williamson is an author/speaker who helps authors and ministries reach their dreams by providing writing and consulting services to help her clients influence lives through the power of words.

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