Amazon Self-Publishing Income Secrets You Need To Know

Most authors in self-publishing through Amazon don’t make much money. There are two reasons for this that you might be familiar with if you are familiar with internet marketing. Most people don’t know how to market themselves or their products. If you’re struggling to get your book out you did not prepare for its success. Amazon wants you to succeed because it makes money from your success.

The actual work of making a successful Amazon publishing income starts before the making of the book. If you know much about niche marketing, you always start with market research to find a niche that has people who want to buy a solution or an escape. This is important because both work primarily on emotions like desire, excitement or fear.

Once you think you’ve found a niche with willing buyers, do keyword research and Amazon book research. You’ll want to match a set of profitable low and medium competitive keywords with a low competition heading in Amazon search. This is the first step to successful market research for writing books.

Create a 10-page ebook with a brief solution to the problem you are able to solve or the emotional stock in which your readers are looking to invest. Get a squeeze page with a sign up form that offers the booklet for $1.00. Promote the offer page by Pay Per Click for one week. Throw some articles up to link to the sales page and see if you get much response or traffic.

You are looking for action either a taker for the $1.00 offer or a sign up for more information on the subject. If you get an overwhelming imbalance between those looking for more information and those willing to shell out $1.00 to solve their problem, you might want to dig a little deeper into the profit potential of the subject. You’ll want to sell that one-dollar offer as if your life depended on it. People are often skeptical of special deals from strangers.

After your evaluation period is over, set up a blog and begin writing. Promote the blog and write posts that are parts of your chapters. Let the readers know that they are getting valuable material from your upcoming book and begin promoting the fact that your book is coming out in the near future. Spend a lot of time growing your fan base by giving them a lot of killer material. Use social networking and every marketing trick you can think of to get that audience growing in the next few months. They will stick around if you give them what they want.

Write for your audience as if they were people you know sharing a common interest; your niche. Once you can identify with them, urge them to participate in the blog with comments and stories. Find the “watering holes” where your niche hangs out and gain disciples to your cause. Find about half a million people just like them and let Amazon know you’re coming.

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Author: Tanner Larsson
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