10 Reasons Why You Can Become a Published Author

At one time being a published author was a mark of high education. However, in the last one hundred years or so there has been an erudition explosion. The average education has increased from primary to secondary school and now it’s approaching college level.

Along with this the basic economics of book publishing has changed. No longer does it take large numbers to justify printing a book. The rules have changed and many large publishers are scrambling to catch up.

As a result, it’s no longer a dream to become a published author. It’s a reality.

It’s a reality that is within the reach of anyone today. Don’t believe me? Here are 10 reasons why you can become a published author. No matter what your level of education. And no matter whether you write eBooks or traditional printed books.

1. Most people have sufficient education. As I’ve already mentioned, the average person has more education than the average well-educated person of one hundred years ago.

2. You have a voice. We used to expect authors to write in formal English. Creating a voice while writing formally is a difficult task. However, creating a voice in casual English is something that each of us has already done. And fortunately, we now expect authors to write more casually.

3. Writing systems are available. One of the most difficult elements of writing Books is simply finishing it. After all, a book is much more complex than an article. However, there are a number of systems around — some good, some great, and some not so good — which will help you to write books.

4. Skilled editors are available online. Everyone needs to polish their work. Traditionally, finding a skilled editor was difficult. However, the internet has provided a means to connect with skilled editors from around the English-speaking world.

5. Tools to write efficiently are available. At one time, there were only two ways to write a book. You could write it long-hand. Or you could hire a secretary to type it for you. Today there are word processors that correct your spelling as you go. There are voice recognition systems that produce your writing from a recording of your voice.

6. Word processors are able to produce camera ready copy. At one time, it was expensive to typeset a manuscript for printing. But now, the software that allows you to type your manuscript efficiently, also allows you to design the output. One or two programs can easily create camera ready copy with flexibility typesetters couldn’t match.

7. Skilled cover designers are available online. Of course, the inside isn’t the only part of a book. Creating a quality cover is just as important. And just as skilled editors are available through the internet, so are skilled cover designers and graphic artists.

8. Print on demand has made publishing affordable. All of the above has been true for the last twenty years. However, the cost of physical printing was prohibitive. In order to get costs down to the point where books were affordable it was necessary to print thousands of copies. All of which needed to be sold. But today, single copies can be produced economically. It’s no longer necessary to print several thousand copies. You only need to print the copy that just sold.

9. Marketing and sales can be done online. At one time, it was necessary to personally know the individuals who bought, sold and promoted books. That’s why the great publishing centers developed. But the internet has allowed people to connect around the world. Marketing is no longer print based and promotion is no longer a matter of popping in for a coffee. Now, promotion and marketing is routinely conducted from across the sea.

10. Print on demand companies can get books on booksellers’ shelves. The last barrier to becoming a published author was that booksellers were reluctant to stock books by self-publishing authors. But the arrival of print on demand printers has meant that booksellers do not actually need to stock books in order to sell them. Some booksellers don’t even have physical books for sale. As a result, many booksellers are open to selling self-published book catalogs.

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Glen Ford is an accomplished consultant, trainer and writer. He has far too many years experience as a trainer and facilitator to willingly admit.

Author: Glen Ford
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